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So back in 2004 Kimberley (wife of me) and I (Jason) had this grand move to America from Australia and launch a new and very unique kind of baby diaper. They are flushable and compostable and have been in Australia since 1991. We were just happy customers who loved it so much, we bought the rights to the rest of the world and headed to Portland, Oregon with child and dog in tow. The brand here is gDiapers (pron.: "gee" diapers..."g" as in "green", "g" as in "groovy"). We have been in business for five years.

We are also a new kind of business. We take the "Fair Dinkum" approach to everything we do. And what is "Fair Dinkum"? It's Australian for genuine, real, honest.


The family, running marathons, rugby, cricket, writing...and running the business